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Related article: Date: Sat, 5 Mar 2005 22:53:04 -0500 From: Michael Sullivan Subject: Adventures In Zegersland - Pt.10DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story. It does not portray any real-life events of the actors depicted within. Scenes include a developing relationship between two male teens. It also includes sexual content. If you are underage, or find this material to be offensive, LEAVE NOW!AUTHOR'S NOTE: Continued thanks to all of my readers, both the new ones, and those of you who returned after a long & patient wait. It is for YOU that I continue my writing of this series. A new character will be introduced in this episode. Some of the present players will depart for now, & one of the original characters will make a return engagement very soon. ADVENTURES IN ZEGERSLAND - Pt. 10 "Let's get Kevin up to the house," Andy said, gesturing for Ryan to assist him. He put up a bit of protest at first, as the boys got on either side of Kevin to carry him up to the house. "No guys, I'm fine, I'm OK!" Kevin said. He winced, however, from the pain in his feet from the cuts made by the contact with coral reef. "Up you go!" said Andy, motioning for Kevin to put his arms around his & Ryan's shoulders. The two then lifted Kevin, supporting and cradling his legs at the knees so his feet would not touch the ground. All the other boys were staying behind for now, to give statements to the Beach Patrol about the event. When they got Kevin back to the house Ryan & Andy set him down gently in a big, overstuffed chair. Andy didn't want to put Kevin down on a couch, lest he might fall asleep. The EMT had said to keep Kevin lucid and awake. He hadn't said why, but Andy knew that the EMT was worried that Kevin might have a concussion. "I'm goin' to draw you a hot bath, - Ryan, you'll stay with Kevin," Andy spoke. Kevin and Ryan nodded their agreement. As Andy left to set the bath, Kevin said to Ryan, "Come over here," gesturing for his friend to come to the side of the chair. "Can I get you anything?", Ryan inquired. "Just this," replied Kevin, pulling Ryan to him, embracing his friend warmly. "You saved my life out there - I don't know how to thank you!" Ryan choked back a sob & whispered, "You're one of my best friends in the world, Kev. I couldn't bear to see you drown." He returned Kevin's embrace & the two held each other a few moments more. Ryan separated from Kevin, then said, "You need to thank Bradley and Andy too - Bradley found you underwater & brought you up, & Andy gave you mouth-to-mouth until the EMT's arrived." Kevin responded "I knew about Andy, 'cause the EMT's told me about the two of you giving me CPR, but I didn't know about Bradley," he said, wondering how he might thank the young Brit. Andy returned at that moment to tell Kevin that the bath was ready. Pedo Preteens "Thanks, Ryan," he said again to his friend, getting up from the chair and following Andy into the bathroom. Ryan shook Kevin's hand, nodding his acknowledgement, then went to crash on the couch for a while. "Ah, damn, that stings!", winced Kevin, the hot water feeling especially bad on his cut feet and ankles. "It'll feel better in just a couple minutes," replied Andy. "I know how it feels!", he continued, gesturing at the scars on his knees and shins from the cherries he had gotten diving after shots on the tennis court. "Yeah, but yours are self-inflicted!", Kevin replied, pretending to pout, with his best puppy-dog look. It broke the tension of the morning's events, & Andy laughed, tousling Kevin's hair. He locked eyes with Kevin, then kissed him. "You're my hero, Andy. You saved my life!", Kevin said. "I Pedo Preteens thought I was going to lose you," Andy replied, & began crying once more. "I love you, Kevin!", he went on, "& I thank God you weren't taken from me today!" Kevin put his arm 'round Andy as the boy cried on his shoulder. He too began to cry, and the two teens comforted one another. Andy settled down, taking a washcloth & slowly worked it over Kevin's torso. The warm water was soothing, and Kevin relaxed, allowing Andy's prescence and gentle touch to bring him relief. Andy brought over a large towel, saying, "Let's get you dried off and dressed, so we'll be ready to see the EMT when he comes in a little while." Kevin sat down on the bed, and Andy bandaged the cuts on his ankles and feet. "Better leave your socks off for now, dude so the EMT can check you over," he said. "You're probably right," Kevin replied, and slipped on his soccer sandals. "Andy," he continued, "I want to be with you as much as possible, but I'd like to ask Ryan to go with us to your next tour stop, if you don't mind." Andy replied, "I don't mind at all." "Well, it'd be my way of thanking him for what he did today," Kevin said. "That's a great idea, Kev, and it makes what I was going to ask you a little Pedo Preteens easier," he replied to Kevin. "What would you think about me asking a friend of mine from the tour to be Ryan's roommate? Andy continued, "That way, we could have separate rooms when you & I want to be alone together, & Ryan won't feel left out." Kevin beamed at his boyfriend. "You are not just the sexiest & handsomest boy on earth, Andy Roddick, but the most courteous and kind as well," Kevin said. "Let's call Ryan in here to see what he thinks!" Kevin said, excitedly. The boys called Ryan to their room. A moment later, Ryan arrived. "What's up?" he asked. Kevin replied, "I want you to go to with Andy & me to his next tourstop." Ryan answered, "REALLY, that'd be cool as hell, guys, but won't I be disrupting the two of you from spending time together?" "Not if you had a roomie!", Andy grinned. "Who did you have in mind, Bradley?", he asked the pair. "No, I'd like to ask him to pay him back for what he did, but he goes back on tour with S-Club7 next week, but Andy has a friend from the tour he wants to ask along," Kevin responded. Ryan was intrigued. "I'd like that, guys I accept," he said. "But, just who's this I'd be rooming with?" Andy said, "His name is Rafael Nadal. He's the same age as us and a real cute guy, from Spain." Kevin replied, "I've seen him on TV, he is pretty new to the tour, isn't he?" "Yep, he only began playing just a couple of months ago and he doesn't know too many people out on the circuit, so I've tried to be friendly to him," Andy replied. "He's a terrific tennis player, & looks a bit like Enrique Iglesias' younger brother." Andy continued, "He's a little shy, & his English is a little rough, but he's a great guy, and I think you'd like him Ryan." "So, where are we going?" asked Ryan to Andy. "Lisbon, Portugal," Andy replied. "Wow, this is really great of you guys, I'll just have to let my folks know where we'll be heading," he said. "I'd better go & call them!", he added, as he dashed from their room. "When will you be asking Rafael to go with us?", Kevin asked Andy. "I'll ask him tomorrow, he plays two matches after me at the Open," Andy replied. A short while later, the EMT arrived at the house to check Kevin over once more. "You look OK, young man, everything is in order with your breathing, your vision, and it looks like Andy did a nice job bandaging up your cuts," he said. "Take a couple of Tylenol tonight for pain, eat a good meal & not to much partying tonight, & you'll feel a lot better tomorrow," The boys thanked the man for his help, & he went on his way home.***********************************************Sorry to end it there for now everyone, but I've been fighting a cold, and I'm getting a little tired.NEXT: Andy's next match, and the boys prepare for their trip to Lisbon. Likes? Dislikes? Suggestions? e-mail me at: Mike1363WebTV.net.SEE YOU NEXT TIME!
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